The iPiccy Photo Editor – Your Go-To Web App For Profound Customization

The Best Free App Any Photography Enthusiast Could Dream Of Is Now Revealed!

So, you have a photo that’s worth investing time in. You ended up looking gorgeous on it if it weren’t for one tiny detail like red eyes or poor lighting or camera-powered artifacts. You are free to invest in several solutions at this point:

  • You can look up for Photoshop tutorials on YouTube, invest several hours into studying all the stuff that’s related to the apps counter-intuitive navigation and functionality, play around with basic layers, rage-quit for three times and only then will you end up victorious.
  • Or you can go to for a free web app that’s simple, intuitive and powerful enough for you to succeed within less than five minutes!

The way of iPiccy

First and foremost it’s important to notice that iPiccy is a free of charge web app. You can use it without registration or additional data inputs. This means that your account is 100% protected against spam or scams.

Secondly, iPiccy is easily accessible. Given that it’s a web app your internet browser like Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox or whatever else you are using is all it takes to run the editor. The app’s back-end is responsible for all manipulations with uploaded images . That means you can edit visuals on weaker machines. Your Ram, the Central Processing Unit and the Graphics Card are not involved in the process.

And, most importantly, the app is insanely simple and intuitive. Yes, you can achieve insane results with the editor and yet the interface is as simple as the MS Word app. Simply click on whatever feature you are finding useful at the moment and that’s it. iPiccy will do it’s magic.


How can I use the app?

Well, as it was already mentioned above, iPiccy is insanely simple in use. It only takes as much as five steps from start to finish for you to succeed.

  1. Visit the website (the link was already provided above);
  2. Hit the big red button – it will transfer you to the photo editor interface;
  3. Upload your image or series of photos;
  4. Edit whatever you feel like editing;
  5. Download your new masterpiece!

What can I use the app for?

Basic functionality can be divided into two groups:

  • Work with existing photos: This category creates various operations and manipulations with images that include but are not limited to: creation of collages, removal of red eyes and visual defects, addition of layers, filters, text boxes, pop art, vector graphics and stickers, etc.
  • Creation of visuals from scratch: This category includes creation of rich graphics like custom visuals, social media posts, Facebook cover Photos, YouTube Thumbnails and additional manipulations with enhanced graphics.

Both of the mentioned options are insanely simple in use and don’t require anything but your personal creativity. You won’t even need a tutorial!

Imagine a world where photo editing is simple, intuitive and doesn’t consume insane amounts of your machines calculative power. That’s the world of iPiccy!


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